What about specialist supplements and remedies for Fibroids?

If you have done any sort of a search online with the word fibroids included the chances are very high that you have come across advertisements and sponsored banners for Enzyme supplements to cure fibroids. I am not qualified to talk about all the science behind the enzymes, I know people who have taken them and felt general benefits but I have not as yet met anyone who has cured fibroids with them.  In principle they seem like a good idea.  I did not take them and so they played no part in my healing but I do get contacted by many women who have over a long period with no success. If you have the financial resources then you could try them and see, the problem is you need to keep taking them and they are very expensive.There are many chinese herbal remedies and other remedies on offer, again I have never come across any success with these (but that does not of course mean that there has not been) I personally like to see results, the people I have spoken with give me long winded stories of how maybe they were not taking them right or that they perhaps did not give them long enough.  Some mentioned strange concoctions that smelt and tasted odd and I know I am stating the obvious but please check the ingredients list of anything you are given to consume.  Legally they are supposed to be labelled with a full ingredients list, at the very least if you do get an allergic reaction you can tell the doctor what you have consumed.

There are well known and some tried and tested herbal remedies that may well improve symptoms that you can get from your local health shop or chemist, again if you have the resources you could try these, generally they suggest at least a month to see if there is any improvement.

Always ask if there are any contraindications for the supplements or remedies you are offered and consider just taking time out to bring about your own personal healing.  Alternative Practitioners such as reflexoloigists, Shiatsu Practitioners and others can assist your body to relax and heal outside as you do the internal work through either “Cure Fibroids Naturally” Book & CD or a similar healing process.

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