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  • Sale! Cure Fibroids Naturally Book & CD

    Cure Fibroids Naturally Paperback & CD

    £19.95 £11.75

    Cure Fibroids Naturally – I did it you can too!” is a book and CD that not only covers my own personal story but also the process I used to get rid of fibroids. It is written in such a way as to guide you through the same process. This is not about taking drugs, having surgery, taking expensive supplements, weird concoctions or diets. this is about dealing with the underlying issues that result in health issues like fibroids, in this case uniquely feminine in nature. You can use this process regardless of whether you are choosing to have surgery or not. The important thing is to heal in such a way that they do not return.

  • Heartfelt - Affirmations to Release the Past

    Heartfelt Affirmations to Release the Past CD


    A series of techniques to bring about release and healing and then flood the sub-conscious and conscious mind with positive messages.

  • Sale! Cure Fibroids Naturally

    Cure Fibroids Naturally eBook

    £24.00 £7.47

    This is the electronic download version of the book which means you will have access to the healing process almost instantly. Particularly useful if you live outside the UK.

  • Sale! Dissolving Fibroids Hypnosis

    Dissolving Fibroids Hypnosis

    £7.95 £5.97

    A powerful healing audio (mp3) hypnosis to engage the sub-conscious to help dissolve fibroids. Hypnosis has long been used as a way to contact the subconscious direct. You have already experienced trance whilst “zoning out” waiting in a queue or even watching television, now you can use it positively to heal your body. Listen regularly and empower your own subconscious to “switch on” your natural healing. Download this hypnotic process now at the introductory reduced price.