Heartfelt - Affirmations to Release the Past

Heartfelt Affirmations to Release the Past CD


A series of techniques to bring about release and healing and then flood the sub-conscious and conscious mind with positive messages.

Product Description

This CD provides a unique blend of powerful affirmations, challenging visualisations and mood setting songs to enable you to release the past. It is designed to retrain the subconscious and clear out old negative beliefs, feelings and thought patterns which could be sabotaging your future. The songs “I Release the Past” and “I Love Myself the Way I Am” are written by Jai Josefs and performed by Mal Pope.

You will be guided through several processes of release and the first time you listen to this should be all the way through with headphones on. Thereafter you can pick and choose according to how you feel and what you need e.g a quick lift, a boost, anger releasing etc.

A unique feature of this CD is an “Affirmation Bath” which floods the mind with positive messages, allowing them to slip past sub-conscious blocks, become absorbed and leave you feeling great! This experience is only normally available in workshops.

Is this better than subliminal messages? YES, because as the messages come through there may be certain ones that make you feel particularly uncomfortable, when you notice them you can jot them down afterwards and work on the areas of your life that they relate to. This is all about your personal issues and gaining insight whilst releasing negativity.

This CD is for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life, support themselves through the process or take their affirmations to a new level. It is a great gift to yourself or a wonderful present for a friend or loved one. As with all things regular practice gets results.


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