My Fibroid Experience

How I discovered my fibroid

I became aware of a large fibroid ( a benign  growth of the muscle of the uterus) when I was pregnant with my first child 16 years ago. My doctor initially thought I was expecting twins because of its size and I was immediately seen by a consultant, who diagnosed me with a large pedunculated (on a stalk) fibroid the size of a plate (completely flat) outside the uterine wall.

This type of fibroid becomes painful because the stalk twists (torsion) and also the fibroid outgrows its blood supply causing it to break down (red degeneration), when this occurs there is also a risk of miscarriage and I was hospitalised for a while when this happened to me.

Lonely and fearful

It is hard to describe the complex mix of emotions I had at the time.  I felt very alone, my partner was in America working, I was extremely worried about my baby, who was very much wanted, and seemed at risk because of my condition. I suppose if I had to sum it up I would say I was lonely and fearful.  Health problems in general seem to have a habit of making you feel isolated and alone even when this is not true. A lot of things blur after the event but one thing I remember very strongly was being in pain and affirming silently and somewhat continuously to my baby that he was staying here with me and I was not going to lose him. I count myself as fortunate that I had a natural birth and produced a healthy child who proved to be the gift I knew he was.

After the birth and subsequent follow up months later, the fibroid became the size of a grapefruit and I was told that was the best I could hope for and that it would remain that way until it became a real problem. If and when that happened, I could then have it removed after using drugs to shrink it to a more manageable size.

I was also made aware that having had one fibroid, I could have more, and removal would not prevent this. There is such a feeling of hopelessness when someone tells you something like that, but I did not accept it. I knew deep down that my body had created this fibroid and that being the case, it made perfect sense to me that my body could heal itself. The main challenge was in getting to the root cause so that not only would I get rid of this fibroid but avoid any others.

The good news

I am delighted to say that i did manage to get to the root of it and completely dissolve my fibroid from my body quite naturally. So many people asked me to tell them about this but telling you will not do the job you need to actually do the process so I have put the process in a book with audio guidance “Cure Fibroids Naturally – I did it you can too!”.

I achieved my healing by making some dietary and lifestyle changes but more importantly, by releasing all the negative thoughts, anger, resentment and guilt from my life for past hurts and problems. The tools were my own mind and body using some effective mental and emotional processes that I learned along the way.

I learned that when you hold onto anger, hurt and resentment it turns into dis-ease and disrupts the natural flow of the body. I also learned that you cannot look at any physical symptom or ailment in isolation and that the whole self must be considered.

I took my own healing very seriously and put myself first for quite a while which may seem selfish but benefits everyone in the long run.

When I became pregnant again years later, my previous gynaecologist was stunned to find no trace of that fibroid or any others, he checked and double checked my scans certain that it must be there, but no. I already knew, even before the scans, that the fibroids were no longer there.

I made a decision to share what I had learned with others in similar circumstances, hence the book as well as workshops and private sessions.