My Body, My Choice

It is very difficult when we face any kind of health challenge from serious conditions to a few extra pounds of excess weight. The world and his wife have opinions on the best way to deal with it. We (or rather our bodies) are looked at as a problem that needs solving. The truth is our bodies are reflecting to us that something is not as it should be in the only way they can.

So how do you make a choice about the best possible treatment programme?

Personally, I like to look at as much research and information as possible and available for the particular condition. But I have found over the years my gut reaction to things has served me well. I know from my own consultations with doctors and specialists that if I feel uneasy with a choice or suggestion and something does not sound quite right then it generally is not right for me. It is like a sixth sense. As far as people go there are no absolutes. Everyone is different, people have survived, recovered, been healed and cured in the most extreme of circumstances when all hope has been given up and the death sentence has been passed by the medical profession. I have often been amazed at the reaction of those who have spontaneously healed only to complain that the Doctor mislead them and should be sued for malpractice.

Likewise, I have been disappointed on occassion by specialists saying the only solution is surgery until I remember that the only way they know is surgery, that is all they have been taught so it is understandable that they see this as the only solution. The wonderful thing is that as years have gone by I see and hear more and more of and from doctors who have attended talks and read papers and research on alternative solutions even recommending them to some patients as an option.

Whatever your view, it is your body and your choice, trust your own judgement.

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