Making Healthy Choices

First things first

Obviously the first thing to do following initial diagnosis by your doctor is to get a referral to an appropriate consultant/specialist. But also look elsewhere for information. Sometimes we feel under pressure to make decisions, some of them key life changing ones, based on limited information or experience. You feel that you are “between a rock and a hard place” and you may feel that you have no choice.

Solution knowledge is power!

I have found on many occasions in my life regarding health matters that knowledge really is power, so read and research as much as you can yourself so that you fully understand your condition and diagnosis and can ask relevant questions as well as understand the answers. It is so easy to believe that doctors know best. They have a good deal of knowledge and experience, however they cannot possibly keep up to date with new medical developments in procedures and treatments and tend to stick to what they know of old. There are some wonderful healthcare professionals around but likewise there are many who do not see patients as whole people but rather as symptoms to be treated or bits to be removed.

If you do not get to the bottom of why you are experiencing this health problem and you remove it surgically it will return, either in that location or elsewhere in the body and possibly more seriously.

Stop for a moment and consider that your body created this condition and so it is not so very “off the wall” to suggest that your body can also dissolve the condition or heal itself. The body can usually only communicate distress or dis-ease to you via pain or physical signs, therefore to ignore them or just get rid of the symptoms puts the body under more pressure to get your attention to the real problem.

Whilst surgery has its place…..

Surgery has its place and is very valuable especially when a condition is extremely far advanced and time is short to clear it safely. But I do urge you if this is not the case, to try, whilst still seeing your medical professionals, to look within for the answers to your health problem and get to the root cause. Read my book “Cure fibroids naturally – I did it you can too!” or join me on one of my workshops.

Take responsibility for yourself, take back your own power and listen to your own body, you have all you need within. Learn a new way with regard to taking care of your health and your body. Start to develop your spiritual side. You already know some of the things you need to do to lead a healthier life, make it as much fun as you can. Take time out to do things you love, some of which you may not have done for years.

For anyone reading this who maybe in a quandary about what to do regarding their own fibroid, I understand how frightening and daunting it can be. As a result of my training and my experience and the experiences of others I have helped and been involved with,I have produced a plan of action for you to take back control of your life and your body with the ultimate goal of healing your life. The full healing process I followed is in the “Cure Fibroids Naturally Book & Audio”.