Large Fibroid pressing on the bladder

I recently received an email from a lady experiencing extreme discomfort due to several fibroids with one pressing on the bladder. Whilst this is not life threatening it obviously causes a great deal of discomfort and can cause complications. She was understandably worried as the treatment she was being offerred put her ability to have children at risk but she felt she needed a quick solution.

Unlike surgical procedures natural treatment has not got a fixed timetable, it can take place quickly once you get the core concepts on board but without giving it the time and focus it can take longer.

If your health is severely threatened with any ailment it makes senses to do something about it quickly and as effectively as you can to prevent risk, if symptoms are extreme it can be hard to relax enough to allow a natural process to work as the need for quick relief takes over.

If symptoms are manageable then the natural path (such as the one I used and provide in my book and sessions) is an excellent course of action leading to long term health not just eradication of a fibroid. It can bring release from a range of concerns not just health problems.

Either way, working on the key underlying causes of your fibroids will set you free from future occurrences regardless of what treatment choice you make.

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