Fibroids A Battle To Be Won Or A Healing Journey ?

For many women the diagnosis of fibroids leads them to believe that they have a battle on their hands like fighting cancer. Especially if they have been given the diagnosis as the reason for not being able to conceive. Nothing could be further from the truth.Fibroids strike at the very heart of a womans femininity, the softer side of her nature. Fibroids are the bodys way of drawing attention to the nature of unresolved issues leading to poor health.

The answer lies in seeing and understanding the message and working with your own body to achieve complete healing. It should be seen as a healing journey for mind, body and spirit not some hateful growth that needs cutting out and eradicating.

Many women lead extremely busy lives or may be desperately trying to get pregnant. They find the thought of taking time out to heal on all levels impossible or not realistic. With surgery you know when and where it will happen and how long it will all take. However a personal healing journey does not neccessarily mean lots of time with therapists or going on a silent retreat somewhere. it does require structure and a little guidance.

Any personal exploratory and reflective time taken out after receiving the fibroids wake up call will save a great deal of time, pain and effort in the future. It will also protect your ability to have children and ensure a healthy environment in which a baby can flourish. A key issue in every womans life.

Personal healing work is beneficial even for those who have opted to have surgery to remove fibroids as it will aid post surgery healing and prevent return.

There is so much more to life than busy schedules and coping and a woman is so much more than just a set of symptoms like fibroids.

Holistic health is still only paid lip service in certain medical circles. To be fair doctors and surgeons rarely have the luxury of time to get more involved with their patients. They tend to rely on physical evidence like scans which point to a practical surgical solution. Job done. Unfortunately if the underlying causes are not dealt with then the job will need to be done again and again in various parts of the body.

So ditch the idea that there is a battle to be won. make friends with your own body it really is on your side. You have choices. And remember not to feel bad about whatever choice you make.

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