Fibroid Medical Treatments

Below is an overview of the most common fibroid treatments currently offerred by the medical proffession.

Uterine fibroid medical treatments Typical Uterine Fibroid Medical Treatments:


This is a major operation to remove the uterus.  50% of UK women having fibroid surgery in the NHS each year will have their wombs removed (Hysterectomy).


This is the removal of individual fibroids, leaving the uterus intact, only considered for those women who still wish to have a baby.

Hysteroscopic resection

Fibroids within the uterus can sometimes be removed during hysteroscopy using a hot wire loop (diathermy)     Uterine artery embolisation – this is a new technique in which the blood supply to the fibroid is blocked causing the fibroid to shrink. It is still undergoing research and is not yet widely available.

MR guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery

Is a non-invasive outpatient procedure using high doses of focused ultrasound waves to destroy the fibroids whilst leaving other tissues untouched.  Still relatively new and not available everywhere.

Do Fibroids return after Surgery?

Ask your Doctor/medical practitioner the likelihood of you getting more fibroids after removal or treatment.  Many of the women who have called me after visiting this and my sister site who have already had medical treatment have told me that they have returned and some very quickly.

Whenever you ask a “Professional” this question it can be difficult to get a straight answer because of lack of long term research for all the various treatments.  As a rule if the fibroids are removed or in some way destroyed with a medical procedure then the actual fibroid does not return itself but more develop or grow.

Currently available statistics vary and results are dependent on the type of intervention. Here are some statistics I found for the various treatments, I suggest you do your own search also:

Abdominal Myomectomy – some studies show a 10% – 15% chance of fibroid re-growth, while others estimate 30% going up to 50% in black women. With a

Laproscopic Myomectomy – with this method apparently sometimes not all fibroids are removed some may be missed and these will then continue to develop.

Ultrasound – this is very new however one study of 109 women with fibroids who had this treatment showed that after 6 months 7 in 10 said their symptoms had got better but after a year about 2 in 10 needed to have surgery to treat their fibroids.

As yet I have not found any useful statistics for  Embolisation to be fair it has not been around long enough.

So, the likelihood of return or rather new fibroids growing is fairly high with most treatments apart from hysterectomy.

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