Fibroid Healing Plan

My Basic Plan for Health

Like all things having a plan of action really helps at a time when you are feeling vulnerable so I have put together a brief plan that you can use as a guide to cover all bases.

  • See your doctor for diagnosis and advice
  • Get referred to an appropriate fibroid consultant/specialist as soon as possible (if you can manage it then pay to have an appointment sooner)
  • Read and research as much as you can about fibroids and the various treatments
  • Start making changes to diet and lifestyle to assist your healing
  • Come on an intensive personal workshop with me or get my book “Cure Fibroids Naturally – I did it You can too!” available from this site or Amazon around the world. If you cannot come to me find a local trained professional to assist you with the necessary practical work of clearing negative thoughts and emotions as well as past hurts, anger and resentment at a very deep level.
  • Positive thoughts about your own fibroid healing and situation are key, use positive affirmations to support yourself.
  • Keep an open mind, depending on the seriousness of your condition, consider allowing your body time to heal itself ( see my book ) whilst still being in contact with your doctor/consultant. If necessary to have surgery then prepare for a positive outcome and work on self healing before, during and afterwards.
  • Meditation, relaxation and deep breathing are extremely beneficial. Join a group, take up pilates, yoga and use meditation or self hypnosis CDs (see useful books & resources). The key to good meditating is to put the body into a relaxed state and clear the mind of all thought (it comes with practise) and then just ask quietly to yourself “What is it I need to know”, then just stay quiet and relaxed for at least ten minutes.
  • Find a good Nutritionist, Reflexologist, Aroma-therapist, Shiatsu or other alternative practitioner and have regular appointments. If money is tight then contact your local college, they often need people for their students to practice their therapies on. Any time taken purely for your own care will pay you back with increasing feelings of well-being.
  • Learn to see yourself as whole and healthy, bringing together all facets of self – mind, body, spirit and emotions, rather than just a physical condition. For complete healing to take place requires work on all four aspects of self.