About Gillian

General Background

I was brought up in a family business environment with two brothers.  Discussions around the dinner table usually involved business and as I really wanted to take part in conversations I soon picked up on the topics and have pretty much been in business one way or another ever since.

During my life I have experienced a wide range of things including travel and meeting some wonderful people. However, the most rewarding and enjoyable (if challenging) experience I have ever had is that of being a mother.  I have a son and a daughter and they have taught me more about life and love than anything else.  I never regarded myself as the “motherly sort”, I would see people I would consider to be that way and I did not fit that particular mode.  I found adjusting to being a parent difficult at first and a bit of “a baptism of fire”, I managed my masters degree and any management consultancy contract standing on my head but the demands of a baby were something else.  Now I realse I am the “motherly sort”, it kind of crept up on me. Having had this amazing experience I am passionate about assisting other women to enjoy the same, in my own small way, by making them aware of how choices they make can affect their bodies. I am not just talking about medical treatment choices here but life choices we make which often ignore our innermost yearnings and warnings.

Over the years I have had the privelege of taking both men and women through a releasing and healing process to set them free from whatever prison they have constructed due to life experience and interference from others.  The joy of literally seeing people change right in front of my eyes in the short space of time that they are with me is priceless and second only to my family experiences.  Feedback telling me of what they feel is “miraculous healing” (both physical and emotional) is wonderful but the fact is it is not a miracle just the right process and anyone can do it. My books and CDs are a way of extending this further to people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to connect with and I love hearing back from people all over the world who have used them. I now teach others to share these techniques in my annual teacher training programme.

If you are someone who has discovered a way for people to heal, grow, feel better, live or love better then I urge you to share it with the world too, the world needs to know and you will be so glad you did!